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2017  Happening and Upcoming Events  
February - SVOS Talk Art Interview - EoF Photographer Michael Endicott was invited on SVOS Talk Art to discuss what is Urban Nature Impressionism and do a live demo of one of his processes.  (Host: Sally Rayn / Producer: Nance Wheeler). 30 mins.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR-F9OrMOfI
EoF Current -  EoF Summer Show - Five artist show featuring: EoF artist Bogomir (Intricate Ink Paintings and Photography); EoF artist Jane Lombard - (Luminous Plein Air Painting); Guest artist Yamil Saenz (Beautiful Nature Photography); Guest artist Chris Ostrom (Fine Art Stoneware Ceramics); and, EoF artist Michael Endicott (Urban Nature Impressionism and Abstract Photography).  June 4, 2017 - July 10, 2017.  http://mailchi.mp/9173ab27d815/eof-5-artist-show-this-sunday-june-4-400pm
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Hope to see you there.

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